Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Blogsite/Basement Show/New Lineup

I decided to switch to this blogsite instead of using the old myspace one. so ya...calvinupdates.blogspot.com

To all you Nashvillians, we need your support. We need to pull some heads to the Basement on July 6th. It is our first show in over half a year, and we need to blow it up!

Also, I wanted to get it out to everyone that Calvin is working with a new lineup these days. Mr Whitehill and I are now playing with Kevin Ferriman (drums) and Billy Prosise (keys) from The Temangerines, and Kurt made the switch to bass. We are about to book some late summer shows with this lineup and already have one booked at The Rutledge off 4th in Nashville on July 28th with The Temangerines and The Dead Towns. If any of you peeps are involved in the music scene and ever need a band to play any shows Calvin is ready to go.

In addition, some of the members from Calvin are playing with The Temangerines, and they have a show on July 5th at Mercy Lounge. Now, both the Calvin and the Temangerine's shows are freebees, so if that will drag your fine ass out then so be it!

Anyways, much love to all yall. Hope everyone's enjoying their summer so far.


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