Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey everyone! I wanted to remind anyone that is in Nashville this week to come out to The Mercy Lounge tonight and The Basement tomorrow night for back to back free shows. Some members of Calvin are playing in the band The Temangerines at The Mercy Lounge for 8 off 8th. Again, this is a free show, so if you are free tonight (7/5/10) definitely come check it out.

As for tomorrow (7/6/10) night, Calvin will be performing for the first time since the last Calvin house party back in January. We are working with some new members, and we are very excited to perform with this lineup. Come check it out at The Basement underneath Grimey's record store tomorrow night for a free show.

I hope everyone had a great/safe/extra-crunk weekend.

Much love yall

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