Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rutledge Show and More

Yoyoyoyo! what up everyone. I just wanted to hit everyone with a little info. Calvin is playing w/The Temangerines tomorrow night at the Rutledge off 4th in Nashville. We're going to get the show started at about 8pm, so it shouldn't keep anyone up too late on a weekday night. Don't miss it!

Also, The Temagerines have a show at Springwater on August 6th, and Calvin has a another show coming up at the Basement on August 10th. Both shows are in Nashville.

In the next couple of days Calvin will be revealing a song or two for everyone to be able to listen to from the recordings we have been working on. The album is still a little ways out, but we really want to get a couple of the jams out to everyone. So, keep your eyes peeled and check Calvin's facebook page periodically this week to see when we put them up.

Hope to see some faces out tomorrow night!

Monday, July 19, 2010

ahhhh what up?!?

I just wanted to hit everybody with a few things that are going on at the moment for Calvin. We are taking this week to do a lot of rehearsing for our show at the Rutledge in Nashville on July 28th, and knocking out the drums for our debut album later this week. We will then be very close to enter the mixing phase. I am so pumped for everyone to hear it!

Also, some of the members of Calvin are going to be at the Liars show at Exit/In tomorrow night. Anyone is more than welcome to come kick it with us and watch an awesome show!

So yeah, that's about it for this week's blog! Remember, we are playing a show at the Rutledge on July 28th with The Temangerines, Kat Smo and The Dead Towns. To go to the facebook event page for the show click here. Also, if you like our work go to our Calvin page and suggest us to your friends by clicking the button below our picture. I hope to see some lovely faces out on the 28th!!!!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Appreciation/More Shows/Other Acts to Check Out

What up yall?!? First off, thank you so much if you came to the Mercy Lounge to see the Temangerines or the Basement to see Calvin last week! We feel very loved and can't wait to perform for you all again very soon.

We have a few shows that are going down later this month. On July 21st Little Miss Mr will be doing a set at Melrose Pool Hall in Nashville with The Dead Towns. It should be an awesome time! We're gonna be throwing down that night for sure. Also, Calvin and The Temangerines are performing at The Rutledge in Nashville with The Dead Towns and Kat Smo. I can't wait for that one! People of Nashville, make sure you check that one out. Also, if you are in Memphis this weekend (the 16th and 17th) check out The Winslow Family Band at Newby's on July 16th at 9 pm and Fresh Hats Tight Beats at The P & H Cafe on the 17th at 9 pm.

Besides Calvin and The Temangerines there are other associated acts that I think you all should be familiar with. Check out the acts that Winslow Family Productions has to offer at areyouawinslow.com. The Winslow acts that are on the grind are The Biz, Fresh Hats Tight Beats, and The Winslow Family Band. Be sure to check them out!

Anyways, everyone have a fantastic week, and I'll be hitting you again next week with some more updates.


Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey everyone! I wanted to remind anyone that is in Nashville this week to come out to The Mercy Lounge tonight and The Basement tomorrow night for back to back free shows. Some members of Calvin are playing in the band The Temangerines at The Mercy Lounge for 8 off 8th. Again, this is a free show, so if you are free tonight (7/5/10) definitely come check it out.

As for tomorrow (7/6/10) night, Calvin will be performing for the first time since the last Calvin house party back in January. We are working with some new members, and we are very excited to perform with this lineup. Come check it out at The Basement underneath Grimey's record store tomorrow night for a free show.

I hope everyone had a great/safe/extra-crunk weekend.

Much love yall